Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Week has Begun

This week was the first week that we were able to use our workboxes and have the school room more ready for school. It was great!! We have only done Monday, but I wanted to get some pictures posted of our system that I talked about last post. Kameron loved it. He loved seeing that he was almost done, and he was excited to see what was in the next box.
Here are some pictures of what our school area is. All the shelves will be filled with resource books, our books we have here, and most of the children's books. So it will be a wall of books!!

Lots of planning has gone into my system, so I make sure that I have it right for us. I am so in love with workboxes. I'm thankful for the Internet that gave me the resources to search it out and find the idea. I'm greatful to all of the fellow bloggers and homeschool families that shared ideas and thoughts about it. It is truly going to be a blessing in our homeschool journey. I used Target's awesome containers because they are stackable. Kameron is able to stack them after he gets done with each one. He stacks them beside the table we do school on. I don't have my strip ready yet, because I'm modify the design and making it more fun!! I have my box labels done, but still have to laminate those. I am going to make him cards that he will be able to have to ask for help, tell me he needs a break and a few others. I am so excited to get more things going with that. I love that I am better utilizing the things that I have.