Wednesday, September 16, 2009

File Folder Games

I found this book on Amazon for ready to assemble games for sight words. It is so great! I was able to order it through their warehouse so I got it for half of the normal price, and since I am a prime member, it shipped for me for free in two days!! It works through over 200 sight words. It has 10 different games that you just cut out and paste into file folders. I plan on laminating mine to last for both of my kiddos.I have one folder put together and am very excited about it!! I think they are going to be a fun thing to help my son get his sight words down!! A few of the words in the first game we haven't worked on, so I am going to change the way we learn the words so he can begin playing the games because he will know most of the words used in each one. I am really liking the ready to make books. I have several saved in my cart for future purchases. Here are a couple of them: