Monday, September 14, 2009


A member of our local homeschool group, HEART, organized lessons through the Houston Natural Science Museum once a month. Since we are members of the HNSM, I was excited to see something else involving them. We signed up and went to his first lesson Tuesday. The theme of the lessons are Wildlife and this lesson was about snakes and spiders. I'm not a fan of them, but Kameron soaked it in. He was listening so good and following directions great. I am always so worried about that, but he did awesome! They learned about jumping spiders and made a picture of a spider by drawing legs, eyes and the other body parts. Then they did an experiment that caused the spider to fly into the air. They then talked about snakes, and they saw the shedded skin off of a boa that was probably 10 feet long. They made an envelope that had "rattlesnake eggs" in it. He had such a good time wandering around afterwards trying to get people to peek inside. After the lessons were over, they were given the chance to hold a tarantula. Kameron goes up to the front because he wasn't going to miss this. He waits his turn in line and holds his hand so still while the spider crawls across it. He asked to do it again, so he just got back at the end of the line. Well, Kaydence could not be forgotten, so she jumped right in there and let that huge spider crawl across her hand. Not to be outdone, I stretched out my hand, closed my eyes and let it walk across my hand too. It was actually soft and not at all creepy like I was expecting. We went to the butterfly gardens after the lessons. It was so nice and peaceful in there. I look forward to going back again and spending more time, sitting on the benches, letting the butterflies land and fly all around us. I bought some flavored bugs our the the vending machine on the recommendation of a friend. After that, we had lunch together and headed home. A great day full of science and family fun, Who could ask for more??

The next morning, Adam and Kameron tried the bugs. I thought for some reason, that they weren't real. I thought they were just flavored things made to look like bugs. I guess I was the only one who thought that lol. Adam knew that were real, and when I showed my SIL, she said they were real too. I was wrong, the so were real. They ate crickets and larva!!!! I had tried the larva, but I didn't know it was real. I couldn't even try the cricket cause they looked so real, and now I know why. I won't be buying those again lol, nope, not at all. It gives me chills just thinking about it!!